Knowing how to dress well is ultimately a bit like knowing how to cook well. Beyond the technical side and the taste, the same key element is found both in a good recipe and in a good outfit: good basics.

Think of your wardrobe as a well-stocked fridge or pantry, [armed with essential ingredients] ( (salt, pepper, butter, eggs, milk, flour, etc.) for anyone who wants to concoct a delicious little dish. Your basic and timeless pieces are the heart of your style.

Once they are mastered, all you have to do is add, here and there, the trimmings that will make your look something unique that suits you.

What basics to bet on? What are the essentials of a woman’s wardrobe, these reliable, easy and durable pieces , on which to count when you don’t know where to start? How to choose them and which brands to turn to?

We have concocted the ultimate guide for you - like a big recipe book, but without the cooking time because between us, it is rather inadvisable to put a trench coat in the fan oven.

A complete list of basics to have in your dressing room, which however is not to be followed to the letter: pick from it according to your desires, take the advice you need, and above all, have fun.


It is the most famous and the most popular of the basics. Mixed, versatile , it can be worn in all seasons and can boast of being THE piece to turn to on mornings when you have no inspiration for dressing. A casual outfit par excellence, it can become an ally of elegance when paired with beautiful jewelry that it enhances thanks to its minimalism.

The simpler a garment, the more the devil is in the details. To start, turn to a model in natural material (cotton, linen, hemp), thermoregulating and more durable, as opposed to synthetic (polyester at the top of the list), much less recommendable.

For the cut, opt for a model fitted at the shoulders, but with ease at the level of the chest. If you want to tuck it into a skirt or pants, make sure it’s long enough (but not too long, so as not to create creases).


It is to bottoms what the t-shirt is to tops: a popular, comfortable, easy and essential piece that will never go out of style. There are as many cuts and shades of jeans as there are styles.


[Finding the ideal jeans] (, the ones that fit like a glove, seems like an endless quest. We don’t really have a magic formula to reveal to you, but what we can tell you is that the only secret is to try several until you find the right one.


its canvas must be regular, with a smooth appearance his dye should not be bland or dull in case of washing out, check that the canvas has not been damaged during the process (if it is too thin, it risks having a hole very quickly) the stitches must be tight, not too fine, and aligned.


This is the jacket that can be worn in all seasons : practical in mid-season for spring and autumn, it will slip under a coat in winter for an additional layer of protection. On chillier summer evenings, it rests on the shoulders.

The blazer has the gift of sublimating any outfit thanks to its structure and its “serious” side that you can completely play down with the right combinations and accessories.

Unlike men who have to follow certain rules (see our blazer guide here), women are more free to play around with the dimensions of the blazer. The latter can be worn adjusted but also more oversized, as if you had stolen it from your boyfriend’s, roommate’s or grandfather’s closet.


Yes, the pair of white sneakers has become a basic, no offence to some purists. Comfortable, sober and easy to combine, it is the city shoe par excellence, and its wearing in business has [become widely democratised in recent years] (

Priority to comfort. The right pair of white sneakers is the one you can wear to frolic all day without ending up with blisters or sore soles.

Check that the interior lining is leather or, if it is fabric, natural fibres.

On the outside, it should not be too thin or too thick (the “chunky” models, very trendy at the moment, risk going out of fashion). If sewn rather than glued, it will last longer.